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Feed Your Family Boot Camps 

Feed your Family Boot Camp is a 3 day event at my garden, in my greenhouse. As I show you my favorite methods of gardening, you'll find everything you need to grow enough food to feed your family!



 Cost for your three day boot camp experience:

-$550 per person 

-$850 for a couple coming together 

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Winter: Jan 11-13, 2024

Spring: April 25-27, 2024

Sign up 

To sign up for boot camp Venmo William  @William-DeMille and text me your email @ (435) 233-6126 so I can Email the schedule. 

When this class is full we will say so here. 

 “This boot camp was super enlightening. DeMille’s ability to take complex topics and explain them so I can understand is masterful. If you want to grow food, if you want to help feed your community, don’t miss this workshop!”

Dr. Shanon Brooks 

You will learn:

  • How to prepare soils

  • How to make compost.

  • Why to make compost.

  • How to grow food with no man made fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, poisons.

  • When you need some fertilizer and how to appropriately use it. 

  • The most up to date science of soil health.

  • The old time wisdom from our ancestors who have given us the great varieties of foods we now enjoy.

  • How to plant seeds.

  • How to transplant seeds.

  • How to harvest.

  • How to grow food for a 365 day harvest.

  • What makes the soil fertile in mother nature ​​and how to mimic this in our own soil.

  • How to start a garden with things you can easily purchase from your local garden center.

  • Tips on greenhouses so you can grow in all four seasons of the year.

  • About incorporating livestock into your gardening and why that is important. 

  • How to take unproductive land and turn it into the garden of Eden.

  • Biodynamic principles.

  • Permaculture principles.

  • Holistic management principles

  • Georgic Tradition principles.

  • And many more things.


You will have fun:

  • 100% of former attendees have said they had fun at Boot Camp.

  • Your fingers will touch seeds, soil, plants, compost and earthworms if you want.

  • Your nose will smell the clean fresh mountain air.

  • Your mouth will taste the freshness and flavors of home grown foods.

  • Your eyes will see the magic of a 365 day food growing system.

  • Your ears will hear the silence of the foothills of the Humboldt Mountains.

  • Your heart will know the truth of soil growing food filled with light.

  • Your nervous system will identify your space and time here as special. 

  • Your internal  moral compass will point you in the direction of what's right for you. 

  • This is more than a gardening class, this is a transformation class, the garden is just one of the tools to give you part of what you were always looking for.

  • I invite you to spend a few days in my garden with me and make new friends. 


Winter boot camp focuses on growing food in the winter greenhouse when it's cold and snowy outside. 

Spring boot camp focuses on the big outside garden when we plant large quantities of food for canning and preserving for winter.


All boot camps teach about the greenhouse, gardens, soil health and how participating in the Georgic Tradition blesses our families.

Boot Camps in the past 

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