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Microbiotic Soil Tests

We test your soil to see what kind of micro biome already exists. We check for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria counts, fungal counts, and microarthropods. We deliver you a report based on this that will recommend for what kinds of plants will likely be happy in this soil, and how you can amend the soil to make it better over time. 

Weekly Q&A with William DeMille

Every Thursday at 7PM Pacific Time, William whips out his laptop and sits down for around 90 minutes to talk about questions he has gotten during the week, and what is going on in the garden. He then opens it up to Q&A, dealing with whatever you bring to the table! Hit the button below to get the zoom link and see the schedule. All Q&Q sessions are recorded and posted on YouTube after they are finished. 


William's Patreon Channel was the original root of this whole business model, and is still an important way for us to continue our important work. Becoming a patron of the farm helps us keep doing what we need, and earns you some special perks! 

The "Feed your Family" Bootcamp

Designed to support you in learning how to grow the best garden you've ever had, get started from scratch, and perfect your homestead, This is the class for you. Over the course of 3 days, you learn everything that William has to offer, with hands on experiences to help you really grasp the concepts that are taught. 

Georgic Schoolroom

Designed primarily for college aged young adults, but open to anyone physically fit enough to participate, this masterclass will immerse you in the homesteading and ranching lifestyle for 17 weeks. This will be a life changing event for those ready to jump start their very own career in Holistic Land management, or an Ecology adjacent field. 

Microbiotic Soil and


Compost Testing


Cost $150 per sample


Send overnight through the post office. DO NOT send with FED EX they mess up orders around here. 

Text William and say the soil sample is coming with your name and email so I can email you your results (435) 233-6126

Venmo me the payment @William-DeMille

William DeMille Soil testing Laboratory

HC 60 House # 167 

Wells Nevada 89835​​


 In the soil test we look for four of them:

  1. Bacteria

  2. Fungi

  3. Protozoa

  4. Nematodes


This test tells you if your soil is going to grow plants the way it is or if you need to restore the beneficial microbes that are missing. If one or more of the above four groups of microbes is in a low population or missing then your soil will require fertilizer and your plants will not be as healthy as they could be.


I test your soil and compost with a microscope to see 3 things:

  1. The living active beneficial microbes that make the soil function

  2. The living active disease causing microbes that cause plants to have problems

  3. Identify which beneficial microbes are missing so we know which microbes to restore


There are 8  important beneficial organisms we want in most healthy functioning soil.

  1. Bacteria

  2. Fungi

  3. Protozoa

  4. Nematodes

  5. Microarthropods

  6. Macro Arthropods

  7. Enchytraeids

  8. Earthworms

How to take a soil sample:

  1. Remove plant material from ground where sample will be taken

  2. Dig about six inches deep with an apple corer in 3 different places in your garden. 

  3. Put each core in a ziploc bag

  4. Write your name on bag with sharpie

  5. Write name of garden, field, paddock etc on bag with sharpie. Do not put paper in the bag with info on it. Paper will get eaten by microbes

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