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Become a patron of our Agricultural Education and join a community of people passionate about connecting with nature and the world around them. Get exclusive access to our content and behind the scenes looks into our process and how we live our life on the homestead. From informative videos and podcasts to interviews and Q&As, you'll be the first to know when new content is released. Your support helps us to continue providing quality educational resources, and we can't thank you enough!

  • This is the class where I help you have the best garden of your life

    • you get:

      • Q&A videos

      • Me Gardening teaching you how to grow food

      • Articles I write about food 

      • Ask me your gardening questions

Limited (2 of 5 remaining)

  • 10 minute phone call once a month where I help you with your garden

  • You also get previous benefits

  • When you sign up for this tier it will be your responsibility to call me for your 10 minute monthly phone call, I will be available Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 7pm and 9pm Pacific time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

This tier includes

  • Access to my video library.

  • A 10 minute phone call each month if you have an immediate need during the month.

  • Text me questions in garden emergencies anytime

  • One hour group mentoring zoom call on the first Saturday of every month at 7:00 am Pacific Time

  • One free soil test in my laboratory to establish a base line of what needs to be done to get your soils functioning properly

  • The goal of this tier is to get your garden to the level where you never need to purchase commercial fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides again and produce the best nutrients and flavors in the foods you choose to grow.

Group mentoring is a powerful experience because we can learn from each others success and challenges in the the community.

It can take anywhere from six months to two years to become good at the skills and knowledge to grow the majority of your food on your own land and this is a critical time when people struggle to implement the soil health principles in the most effective way. This mentoring call will address the questions and concerns of the participants so you can become an expert at creating the best food possible in your climate. I will do everything possible to help you have the best garden of your life.

Growing 80% of your own food is possible for most people with a large garden and greenhouse. If you want to reach 80% this group mentoring is the tier for you.

  • This Tier is designed for small farmers who are in business to make money. 

  • You will get access to the other tiers

  • I will be your personal garden production mentor helping you grow the crops you need to make a profit. 

  • I will help you know the best crops to grow maximum harvest in a given time

  • I will help you understand efficiency in planting, harvesting, packaging, etc. so you can grow your business.

  • I will help you see the difference in home garden methods and farm production methods which can often mean the difference between business success or failure.

  • I will consult with you on greenhouse construction, maintenance, management, and production.

  • I will consult with you on marketing, sales, relationships, employees, etc...

  • Weekly phone calls/texts and zoom meetings as needed.

  • I look forward to helping you grow your farm business.

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