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Student Application

Hello! We are excited to get to know you and

help you on your educational journey.


To begin, complete this form to apply for a spot in our next class. Application due: May 1st. 


Write an email to William DeMille telling about yourself and why you desire to take this class. 

● Send email to Subject line should say: Georgic Schoolroom Application.

Text me with any questions, especially if you don't get a response.

(435) 233-6126.

● This letter should be fun for you to write. Feel free to share with me who you are and why you want to spend the summer learning from me. It is ok to draw pictures, ask questions, and tell jokes. But convincing me to choose you is the key! I have limited space and can only take 20 students at a time. 

● Please send in your application as soon as possible.


Georgic Schoolroom 2024

Boot Camp 

Sign up 

To sign up for boot camp Venmo William  @William-DeMille and text me your email @ (435) 233-6126 so I can Email all the schedule. 

When this class is full we will say so here. 

Cost for your three day boot camp experience:

-$550 per person 

-$850 for a couple coming together


Online Video Course 

More information coming soon! (spring 2024, approximately)



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